Quality without compromise

... solutions according to your needs

Routing in CLI quality, but also cost-oriented solutions. Price lists are divided into categories that can be combined in various ways.

Intelligent billing

... with many supported currencies

For your maximum convenience, we offer automatic resolution EEA and nonEEA origination with multi-currency payment (USD, EUR, CZK, PLN, HUF, RON).

The best prices

... the best offer

The lowest prices in the market, AZ wholesale telecommunications, unmatched connetions to the world's largest operators.

DID - The world within your reach

... more than 50 countries

Choose one of 50 countries and make calls anywhere in the world. Manage your international lines at one place, using your cellphone, VoIP phone, or PBX to the fullest! Check it!

Fixed calling

Cheapest VoIP calls?

...Yes, you can have the best available quality products and price thank to our interconnection with dozens of operators from all around the world..."

Fixed Calling

We are leading VoIP operator in Central-East Europe, basicly for that reason we can offer you the cheapest calls. 

Direct Inward Dial

Great for business!

DID technology gives you freedoom to connect your international partners from all over the world.

Direct Inward Dialing

Because of the cheapest VoIP calling on the market,  you can put more effort to satisfy customers instead of focusing on your bills.


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