Device independence's up to you

Smartphone, desk phone, or software - for us it's doesnt matter what you will use. For each of these devices we offer high quality voice VoIP number termination.

Currency's yours choice

We can offer you paying in different curriencies - EUR, BGN, CZK, HUF, PLN, RON, USD and GBP! In all of these currencies we are still leading with the best prices, thanks to that we can offer you very cheap calling.

Best Prices

...price leaders

We can offer you the best prices for VoIP numbers at existing market - our specialist analyze market trends every day, to provide for you the cheapest offer.

DID - Worldwide

...over 70 countries

We have strong experience as telecommunication operator, for that reason we prepared special DID offers for single users, small companies or either corporations. Check it!

Fixed calling

Cheapest VoIP calls?

...Yes, you can have the best available quality products and price thank to our interconnection with dozens of operators from all around the world..."

Fixed Calling

We are leading VoIP operator in Central-East Europe, basicly for that reason we can offer you the cheapest calls. 

Direct Inward Dial

Great for business!

DID technology gives you freedoom to connect your international partners from all over the world.

Direct Inward Dialing

Because of the cheapest VoIP calling on the market,  you can put more effort to satisfy customers instead of focusing on your bills.


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