Wholesale VoIP Termination

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Cheapest call to the whole world?

Yes, you can have the best available quality products and price thank to our interconnection with dozens of operators from all around the world. Just create your account, charge your credits and start. That's all. And it's up to you whether you want to use a telephone exchange, a desk phone or software client on a smartphone; moverover, you can set your displayed phone number or ask us to do it. We offer geographic and nomadic numbers as well as free green lines from dozens of worldwide destinations.


Our offer is tailored first of all for operators and big corporates; however, the access to the service is not limited to any type of customer. There are not a minimum charge or any other types of requirements due to the advantage of our wholesale prices. And if you generated a huge traffic, we are ready to give you an individual price offer. Just ask for it.

How does it work?

The service is based on VoIP calls using the widespread SIP protocol, which has managed to displace conventional telephones after many years and easily compete with mobile lines. You can hardly find a big company or a call center today which don't use SIP for their VoIP calls. This enables you to choose from a lot of hardwares, softwares and switchboards that provides you maximum comfort. And often even for free. Click here to get some tips including instructions for settings.

How can I order?

Please create your account here and charge your credit as you wish. Everything else, including the creation of SIP registration and assignment of a telephone number, you can set by yourself on the web interface in an easy way. If you needed our assistance, please contact us.

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